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Im inlove with a cosplayer

Here in the Philippines when someone ask you who’s the most beautiful cosplayer you have seen. 80 % will say the gosiengfiao sister and the 20% will be unknown cosplayer. Right know cosplaying events here in the Philippines had been evolving from “just to see alodia and ashley” to “i want to see who’s portraying this and that “. What an awesome evolution to the Philippine cosplay, right?

Speaking of cosplayer my professor had shown me some of the pics that they took to some cosplaying events (Note: my professor are one of the founders of an anime & cosplay enthusiast group.) As i look to there pictures there is one cosplayer that had been very striking to me…  I don’t know how to explain this to you guys but i think i just suffer love at first sight. More after the break.

Faith Boom

Faith Boom

Her name was Faith Boom the other half of the BoomKins Duo. I don’t know if that her real name. I wish that i could talk to her even just once. I would die a Happy man if ever i could be her friend. I would like to know her more but not like an stalker do when they stalking someone!

Now i have a reason to go to the event.. =)

Hopefully i could go to some cosplay events this coming year… =(

Note: credits to the owner of the image.


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