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Chanbara Beauty movie


OneChanbara poster

After 5 hours of waiting, i finally downloaded the movie. Wish my mom would upgrade our connection!!!

This is a game based movie. This movie was realesed two years ago!! WTF why they didn’t show it here in the philippines?!!!! T-T

Based in what i understand in this movie, this is about the time when zombies are taking over the earth! So here came Aya the sexy, beautiful, and skilled swordman( should i say swordwoman) who will save us to this catastrophe.

This is the Plot of the movie:

“Chanbara Beauty: The Movie” takes place in a chaotic, desolate future world where the streets are filled with zombies. The result of a series of mad experiments by deranged scientist Sugita, the zombies know how to use weapons and can be trained to form an undead army. Luckily for the few human survivors, there are a pair of dangerous women roaming the land, wearing barely enough clothing to hide their weapons, and dedicated to destroy all zombies.

By the way the actress who is playing aya in this movie is Eri Otoguro.



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