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Favorite Doraemon Chapter

Its already 2:34am in the morning (Philippine Time) im still awake, and reading some mangas. When i can i acrossed to this Doraemon chapter. In an instance i found my self wanting to read this chapter. I guess i found myself being a loser like nobita and wanting to have a special friend like doraemon. Well check the doraemon chapter #70 now!!!

doraemon_c70Well this chapter is title MEMORIES OF GRANDMA. My insight to this chapter, its a reminder to us that we must appreciate the people who are with us right now because we never knew when will the time God will took them away from us. To tell you the truth after reading this chapter i found my self crying, maybe i miss my own grandmother also. Nobita describe her grandmother to be the kindest of all. Well That how i will describe my own Grandmother.

Right now i missing my Grandma. Hope She is happy where ever she is.. Don’t worry about grandpa, i will take good care of him



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