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My Vision of this Blog

So i started blogging yesterday, just to kill some boring hours in my life. If you are a college student like me you’ll be able to relate to this post. Being in a college student i had the “POWER to control my schedule“. So usually my class are in the afternoon and usually will ended before 6pm, I also have DAYS that i have no class. That is the reason why i started blogging, just primary to kill time.

So why do i choose to blog about anime, cosplay, mangas, & cosplay events? Well lets say, I am BIG BIG fan of this genre. If there is a word to describe me as a fan maybe a “HOPELESS OTAKU”(Note: I derived it in the HOPELESS ROMANTIC, which mean a person that is in love with the idea of being in-love. And OTAKU means people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, or video games.) Hopefully you got the idea of this word.

So lets go back to the Topic of this post. So what are the new vision of this blog. Well, i want to help Filipino Otakus, like me. If you had a group im willing to promote it here in my blog. If you want me to write something about your life as an otaku, i will gladly to do it for you. And if you want me to promote, advertise,  spread an event in this blog, i would be happy serving you. Well this what the idea had so far…

Speaking of Promote, Advertise. I want to say sorry to the following:

CS Central

Cosplay Cicrle


im sorry guys for link my blog to your website without your permission. If you want them to be put-out i would do it right away.


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