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Support The Philippine Indie Comic Group

Just woke-up to an short sleep. Its already 9:28pm when i saw this post at the philippine cosplay website. This is  an event that should not be miss by the pinoys right now. Why? because we need to bring back the komiks (comics) glory to our country. I remember the time when grandma used to buy me comics, maybe that became a inspiration to me to draw. I love to draw, but i guess drawing doesn’t love me hehehe.

Hyper Comics

So this will be the Event. The 6th Annual Philippine Komiks Convention (KOMIKON) 2010 will be on November 13, 2010, Saturday at the Starmall Trade Hall (corner EDSA and Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City). There will be an Entrance Fee of  P80.

If you are there please grab a copy of the Hyper Comics. I think they will sell it for only P60.


Hyper Comics Facebook page:

Note: credits to the original owners of the image i inserted.


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