bringing the anime freak in you

Goku jr!

I was curious on about what our brother told me. There will be a new series of dragonball. He also said that it will show goku new saiyan form. If i heard it right, the super saiyan 5 (cool huh!)

Speaking of goku, do you remember the last episode of dragonball gt? yes the great great great grandson of goku  (the one who wear a red headband) . He is goku jr,  I got curious about him. I had a vision that the new dragonball will evolve with him. (NOTE: to know more of goku jr you can visit this link)

I download a episode or movie of goku jr adventure it is a one episode and it started 100 years after goku defeated baby.

here are  is a clips and i also included the snapshot of my torrent download just to show how fast it was to download!!! Thanks to the seeders!!!!


cool upload speed for a 512k broadband thanks seeders

here is the site where it download it link.


After the supper, Goku Jr. and Puck go to the bedroom to have a nap. At that time, Goku Jr. tells Puck there is something fishy about the pretty girl who helped them. They arranged the beds to simulate their sleeping posture and quietly slipped away from the room. Just then, they saw Mamba entering the room and stabbing the bed with a huge knife. But, she instantly found that they were missing and went on a pursuit to get them. Goku Jr.’s guess turned out to be correct but he gave the credit to Puck who taught him not to trust strangers. When Mamba found them hiding on a window sill, they chased by Mamba who in the end trapped them in a room where humans were cooked and eaten.

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