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End for TWGOK and OreImo


keima saiyan mode

It is so sad that every time an anime had to come to its end. The World God Only Knows and Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai had both ended this week. But there are things that we need to be happy like this two news that i had read in some website. First is that there will be a second season for TWGOK, but we need to be a little patience for because it will begin this coming April 2011. Second is that there will be an extra four episode in OreImo. It will be like taking place in the episode 11 of the TV series. I don’t know if i read it correctly but it seems that you can watch the extra episode online.

To read the site i am pertaining to, for TWGOK is and for OreImo

So before i forget i will greet you advance MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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