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Bye-bye bakabt philippine users?

Being busy this past few days i never had the chance to look at some of my torrents that i had been downloading and seeding. I was been addicted at downloading my anime by direct links not by using torrents. When i opened my bakabt accounts im surprised that my ratio is still the same then i looked at my utorrent i was shocked to see that the anime that i am downloading stock-up in 5% and the seed and peers are all zero. So i tried to consult the forums in bakabt. It seem that most there are alot of users in the Philippines had the same problem as mine.  The admin of bakabt clarified that the problem is in the DSL that we are using. So most the user that encounter this problem used PLDT which mean that i was one of them. There are some users that suggested some solution. So i tried most of them. First is the downgrading my utorrent from 2.2 to 2.0.2, when i tried that i utorrent now can display a peer but never seeded. The seed was still zero. Then i tried the next one and that is using a proxy server so i had to download this “AdvTo” application which can help me to connect to a proxy server when i tried it both seed and peer are 0. I had tried most of the suggestion but none of them work. So i guess there this will the end of me of being a bakabt user. Hopefully that the admin can find a solution to this problem.


2 responses to “Bye-bye bakabt philippine users?

  1. Deus Leonis April 8, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    im using SkyBroadband and im also blocked from the site, even the forums,

    • anifreakjoe April 9, 2012 at 12:37 pm

      Hi Deus Leonis,

      Wow that’s bad. Uhmmm i don’t know how to answer that type of problem but did you try changing com to me? If i recall it correctly, they still having a problem in the server side of the site that’s why there are different problem they encounter to every bakabt user. As for the mean time try using nyaa torrents.

      hope it help,

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