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English Sub or English Dub?

As i trying to enjoy the final days of the Christmas and New Year break, I tried to watch some of my favorite anime and jdrama. To make the story short, I am so lazy sometimes reading the subtitles in the video/movie. So there are time that i prefer anime that are english dub. Well that is my point of view. Here is a forum that i found that are sharing their thoughts to this questions. The forum is from this site

Here are some of my thoughts to this topic. First the English Dub, Well i watch english dub anime/jdrama/movie is very benefiting for people who are like me, that don’t read, speak, and understand japanese. Next is that you can watch the whole video, what i mean is that you can catch the comedy part of the video. There are times that you are busy reading the subtitles that you missed out the funny part or the good stuff.

So now lets talk about the English Sub, Well the most thing that i loved to video that had been sub is that you learn new words. Without it i never will know that “baka” in japanese is “idiot or dummy” because in the philippines “baka” means is “cow”. Who says that anime can’t teach you anything!. Next is that i always loved the japanese expressions!! like the way an anime girl calls her older brother (im just imaging that my sister will call me “onii-chan”).

So tonight we all be celebrating the new year! So stay safe and Happy New Year!


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