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Welcome Year of the Rabbit

Wow its already 1/01/11 to much one huh?! hahaha

Anyway how your new year celebration? Well here in our house we celebrate it very simple. We start by changing our clothes to red colored clothes, i don’t why it supposed to red but like my grandma said wearing red while witnessing the changing of the year will attract good luck. My mom usually put coins to our pockets, it once said that putting coins will a sure a year without a problem in money(something like that!) next the filipino way! the time when the clock strike to 12am (sound like cinderella) you must jump, There is a saying that if you jump in the new year eve you’ll grow tall this coming year. Next is feasting with the family. So that is the typical new years from our family.

There are alot of things to look forward this year. Like the some upcoming cosplay events, can’t wait to attend this time hahaha!!!!! And if i am right next week at Q11(Local Channel in the Philippines) they will start airing kaichou wa maid-sama. I am also can’t wait for the season 2 of  TWGOK and some upcoming anime and jdramas hahaha!!! damn this will be one of the bestest year i will ever had!!!!!!!!!!! >.<


Oh wait i forgot the mention about the firework well i guess it is already common to all asian countries.




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