bringing the anime freak in you

Should i or shouldn’t i?

Well here is the thing about this post. My mom is asking me to join her to visit our relatives this coming friday. Since i have no classes from friday afternoon till the end of the week, It will be alright for me. At first the it seem to be a good proposal since i never been to that place (Well you see i am tourist of my own country! XP ). There is a problem,  i think i could not watch the anime that might released on that days! So i asked my mom if there is internet in that place. My mom answered “No there isn’t!”. That is the other problem for me.

I had already pack all the essential thing that i need. And of-course, I started it with the thing that more important and that is my anime. I started by re-copy to my laptop the anime that i love, Why? Because i know that it will boring to that place since most my cousins are older than me and for sure there is no one like me there. Next is putting some mangas to my phone (So i could read while we are on the way. All i remember that every time our family visit our relatives we ended up taking an 8 to 10 hours of traveling by land). Third is updating my music!

As i packed to prepared to this journey i found myself try to blog for the last time this week. As i opened wordpress i had read this post from worpress. Well as a blogger for almost two months (It will be my 2nd monthsary this coming january 9 )  i had developed this habit (sort-of) that i need this blog everyday. Reading the post, make me feel that i had to accept the challenge. I feel that i was destined to write a 365 post every year. Well i know that is too much for a newbie blogger like me. Reading the post make me want to stay here and not join them this coming friday.

Well what to you think should i join them or should i stay here?


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