bringing the anime freak in you

Be out for awhile

If  you read my recent post you’ll remember i had difficulties on choosing whether i will go with my mom to visit our relatives and to stay here and try to achieve the goal to blog for 365 day. But i now thatout  i had chose already, I will go to my visit my relatives. Since most my relatives are old ready, This might be my only chance to see them again. So why should i waste this right? And about achieving that goal? Well lets say that i more year to try to achieve that since i am still young.

So i will out for a couple of days. See you again next week if ever. Funny thing that my mom said that since i am already on college i had my time on my own! I was thinking that i would go to a vacation for awhile. I need to fun also, damnit! haha… Here i come stress free days hahaha!!!!


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