bringing the anime freak in you

Anifreakjoe is back in action

Wow it is been like 5 days since i left for visiting our relatives. The trip is really good too bad i forgot to bring my camera. For the 5 days stay in the province, I had meet some of our long-distance relatives. If i remember correctly i had a uncle, that is grandmother is the cousin of great-grandmother, That make him my uncle 3rd degree uncle and that is also equivalent to 1/8 blood related between us.

I had also met some of my grandmother wet market friends and also i saw the places that they lived. Actually they lived most of the different parts of that province, WHY? because there is a saying back then that “you must stay to the place where your business is in its best” that the reason why they changed their location every time.

Now that i am back, I had to update some of my anime. So first thing i had do is to read my favorite mangas. So the battle with the legendary 7 swordsman start in naruto. A bad premonition was been predicted in OnePiece. Next is watching some new anime. First i watched the episode 2 of Rio, where they introduced the gate battle. Rio looks hot in her bikini. Next is the mecha themed anime IS, one of the intresting anime right now!!! Third is the Beelzebub, Hopefully it will be based on the manga, because i loved the manga!   Fourth is the really incest anime, well the truth they are not really blood related (oopss spoiler! hahahaha) the manga turned anime Oniichan no koto nanka zenzen suki ja nai n da kara ne.


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