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Shinigami Doggy manga

From the artist who made di[e]ce manga. Here comes a comedy, shoujo, and supernatural manga. Here is the plot of this manga. Ken was a normal high school student until he was killed…chasing after a riceball. In the afterlife, he meets a Shinigami named Shin, who grants last minute wishes to females who pass on. Shin agrees to give Ken’s life back if he is able to grant ONE girl’s wish. But will he complete this job successfully? And what if something goes wrong?

Read the manga from this site


2 responses to “Shinigami Doggy manga

  1. watch anime April 27, 2011 at 6:28 am

    this is really cool, great blog just found it, really hope to hear more. Anime is my favorite and i wish to go to japan one day and having blogs like this really makes me excited to visit soon. cant wait and great job with the blog!

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