bringing the anime freak in you

Hate you BSOD!

Today is one of my unluckiest day. Why? my laptop that is running in windows xp just encounter a strange type of BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death. To explain what happened, I was try to download a iso, Breath of fire to be exact, so that i could reminisce the days when i was still playing a playstation. I was having fun because my new desktop theme


black leopard theme for xp

and of-course everyone would agree more to me that playing final fantasy in playstation is fun.. I mean REALLY FUN!

Playing FF7 using epsxe

When all that fun suddenly stop when my laptop had been all blue with crazy sentence in white colored fonts! and it started to reboot and reboot again. Hopefully everything would be ok again tomorrow.

Thank God, someone created anime. Because of it all i still had a chance to enjoy this day as much as i could.

Episode 3 of Rio

—  Thank you for the animator, illustrator and the man behind Rio rainbow gate!

she looks like asuka of evangelion in this angle

Iroha >3<

— Thank you to the new character in oniichan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne named Iroha.

And a really Big THANK YOU for my brother who lend his laptop for me so that i could watch this anime today.


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