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Kevin Libranda

So who is Kevin Libranda? well based on the Kevin Libranda a.k.a kevinTUT on deviantART is a freelance illustrator/graphic artist from the slums of Tondo Manila, Philippines. Since he was a child he dreamed of his drawings being animated and aired in television when he first saw and watched Dragon Ball Z, Ghost Fighter and Super Sentai Series. At the age of 17 he took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing. While still studying at the same time, he worked in a local publishing company as an artist/writer of Aporia. By the year 2008 he graduated and finally decided to go full time as an artist.

Novus KarmaAdditional information about him, Well his current manga creation is right now can be read in manga fox with the title Novus Karma. Here is the plot of this manga. PJose lived a normal life, but that was before he returned from the dead. After awakening he was then become one of the Karmanics, a people who are blessed with the DNA of the so called “Els” or Archangels which gives them unimaginable superhuman abilities. While being in the custody of the Cross Karma Organization, he will then learn that some various Underground World Organizations are hunting their kinds and using them for their own profits. Jose then, sets on a journey around the globe in search for the cure of what he called a curse… (Published by

—Another Pinoy Pride!!!

Know more about him in this site:

You can see his amazing and cool illustration in this site:


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  1. NoypiK March 8, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    Thanks for the feature!

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