bringing the anime freak in you

Exciting April

First i want to congratulate those who graduated this year. It seems i will not be joining again, Since i failed some of my subject( I’m not so fitting to become a role model). This week some of the anime i watching recently had ended. Rio Rainbow gate and Infinite Stratos. Both of this anime have the similarities to their last episode, It seems to be they will having a second second. In the last part of Rio Rainbow Gate, there are two unknown character emerged.

one clear reason for rio to have a season two

In other hand, Infinite Stratos. To be honest the last episode is a bit off to me. I expected that the final episode will have a jam-packed action and development between Houki and Ichika. Well  naybe (hoping) this one of the sign why there will be a second season on it. And, you must agree there a more things to be known about IS. Especially now that IS introduce the “Second Shift” from the machine.

Almost a kiss... ICHIKA you are sooo slow >w<

To start the vacation right (In my point-of-view). I already make a list of what anime i watch start to this April ( I didn’t included the May month anime).

  • Aria the scarlet ammo
  • Denpa Onna to seishun Otoku
  • The World God Only Knows 2
  • Hana-saku Iroha
  • Blue Exorcist
  • Astarotte omocha

The First five is based on the Anime News site, It said this are the must watched anime starting this month.


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