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Demon 72 manga

Imagine this, You stuck to a world where there is 71 Demon that is summoned. Not just ordinary demons. They are King Solomons’ Demons. And our only hope is lies on the hand of a boy who also summoned one of the demon.

“His name is Kuruto Kagemitsu — a cute boy with a vengeance. The demon’s name is Shuma. He was summoned, much to his surprise and likely chagrin, by that cute boy, and forced to be his servant. Their goal, one intrinsic and the other quite extrinsic, is to eliminate 71 of 72 of King Solomon’s demons — Shuma being the sole exception for obvious reasons — who are supposedly controlled by one summoner. Kuruto will show his mother he can do it.”

The just been released today in mangafox. And I will give a two thumbs up on this one. A good start for this manga!!! O yeah the Boy in the manga is surprisingly resembles Lee Shao Ran of CardCaptor Sakura. ^w^

Read the manga on this site:

Source: MangaFox.


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