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How to anifreakjoe happy?

Let’s face it there are day/s that you really hate right? like this week we are having a connection problem to our internet. That made me really angry this past few days. Second is that my laptop just encounter a really annoying problem. So people get angry when their laptop had a software problem, application in delay mode, and cannot access the net. But, how about your laptop had a hardware problem and that is what happen to me. My laptop just undergo a surgery gone wrong. I just bought one laptop before now i own two. What do i mean? My laptop just split in to two ><

But thank God this time i got the chance to browse using my mom’s laptop. And the latest update on Naruto makes my day!!! Very very timely. And i am a big fan of sport manga. And currently reading one while blogging this post. I might blog about one of the sport manga i read today, maybe soon.


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