bringing the anime freak in you

Testing my video editing skills

Just bored to do anything this day. So i tried downloading the 2011 Windows Live Essential to test the new version on the Movie Maker. I remember my recent attempt to become a video editor was like in high school (The Theme is a product commercial, and the commercial we choose was a toothpaste commercial). And to be honest with you. We made a crappy one with only intro, the video, and credits and that is it. No glamorous effect, Even text effect was so lousy to be called a good edited video presentation. But to be fair to the video. We managed to get about 80% plus to our grade because of it.

It seems that WordPress can’t play my embed video. Anyway i upload it in my 4Shared account. You can  see the video there. I had no youtube account so visit this link while i trying to convince myself that i should make one.


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