bringing the anime freak in you

Happy April 2012

April, the so called “The start Summer” here in the Philippines and this type of month where it really annoys me. I always hate hot climate especially when you are living in the metro. Since is also the start of the summer vacations. It makes me more annoying when my top-downloader-cousin is here to stay (Literally makes all the internet connection go to 10kbps). I cannot even watched my newly discovered page in youtube (where i currently watcing kamen rider black, awesome huh!).

But the thing that i loved the most about this month is also the month where good anime is starting to shown. If i remember correctly last year my top favorite THE WORLD GOD ONLY KNOWS season 2 had started in April also. This year will be more exciting. So i had to free memory space on the laptop as much as possible.

My list for this month:


kuroko no basuke


But the list might also change because there are still good title to watch. Like the Accel world. I liked the manga, but i had to decide on which to stored in my laptop for achieve reason. I think i will try to watch it[Accel world] online.


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