bringing the anime freak in you

My thoughts about the Philippines otaku website, forum, and groups.

Feeling bad again. This had been the sickest month for me.(T^T)

Remember the sites that i had blogged early this year? Well those site, after becoming a member. Maybe about a day or two, will make you feel that you are in a deserted island. Why? No one is logged in except for me. I am lucky if i had log in the right time where i can be with one or two user(Some of them are snubbing me). Admins are no-where-to-be-found.

Forums for the pinoy otaku, is likely another boring forums where threads are started but no one will continue.

Pinoy Otakus/Cosplayer Group are only active in FaceBook. Cannot blame them. I rather be in a site where i can do anything and be updated to anything i want. Rather than to a cheap social network whose admin can not make a single entry to their events.

I feel bad for the Otakus.There are site that created for us but we are not supporting it.

But will give credit to the, they had been maintain a strong active user and admins. Kudos to you!!!!



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