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Reaction on bad comments about cosplay

An ugly start of my day then comments in a site make it worst.  >=(

First thing, I am not a cosplayer. But being an anime and manga character fan like most of them. This bad comments is not something i will not let go.

Here are some of the comments i like to clarify (I revised the actual comments)

  1. Cosplayers go beyond on being a just a anime fan… Well that is true. Cosplayers dresses up to the character that somehow shows the things/resembles a certain feelings they want to express, show their support to the characters/anime/manga, and Showing their creative side. Cosplayers are like painters. Their bodies are their canvas and their costumes are their master pieces.
  2. Cosplaying is not budget friendly… That is true again. Achieving perfect costume really cost high. I met some cosplayer that budget their everyday school allowance to save for their costumes, transportation, food, and ticket for an events. But before looking how much they spend on the costumes. Why not look the time,the effort and the creativity they put on make the costume.
  3. Cosplayer do this for money… True and False. It is true that people somehow find it as a good way of earning money (i.e costumes rental). But there are also cosplayer that do this for a cause (i.e Some Cosplaying group, cosplay to give smile and little entertainment in a orphanage).
  4. Male Cosplayer should not Cosplay a Female Character (vice versa)… One thing i love about the culture in cosplaying. Is that they had no grounds on gender issue. Self expression should be globally accepted right now.
  5. Female Cosplayers looks like a slut… Worst comment ever. Here is the thing just imagine that you are saying this to your mother/sister. What would you will feel? Please don’t look down on female cosplayers. I know that they are not this kind of girls.

This is my thoughts about cosplaying.

If i hurt someone because of this post, then i’m sorry…


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