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Gundam: The Origin Anime on 2014

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According to Monthly Gundam Ace magazine, TV Anime of Gundam: The Origin (機動戦士ガンダムTHE ORIGIN) will be aired in 2014. The Anime adaptation of the series was actually announced quite a while ago and we are more than happier to learn about the approximate date, especially when you are seriously disappointed with Gundam AGE which you should not have followed one way or another. Written by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, the original Manga is retelling the original Gundam 1979 series which is definitely a must watch to a Gundm fans. For those of you are serious enough, you can go and check out Wikipedia for the detail of the story.

I am a big gundam fan to be honest. The first gundam series is one of my favorite. Actually this upcoming anime will be retelling the first series. If i will compare the first series vs the manga version of the gundam origin. Well there difference will be the illustration. The manga version of gundam origin, even though it is a manga. It was well illustrated. More dramatic in every scene. In gundam: origin,  it show the first version of rx-78. I only had watched the movie trilogy of the gundam. I am pretty sure that it doesn’t show the first version of rx-78.