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Found Another Forum

Horay another forum for pinoy otakus!!! \(^.^\)(/^.^)/

Well this one is different from the first one i found yesterday.The site name is Philippine Otaku Society (POS for short). First this is mainly like a forum, a close forum for the members of POS. Second i think the group is not that still big yet they are all united. How come i said they are all united? Well they had a very strict rules and regulations before you can join the family. I am still in trying to full fill all the requirements. Is just that my cellphone is only hindrance this time.

Since i was impress to this group it inspire me to design a logo for them.I had no bad intention to their current logo. It is just that i having problem to the color. I just can’t read text when they are surrounded by lively color and i think a simple logo is always a good logo. And if they like the logo i made. i am willing to give the psd file to them.



This band consists of two female singer who are highschool students. They started as Nico singers under the name of アリス☆クララ (Alice☆Clara) and irony is their first release as ClariS. You can find some of their dubbed Vocaloid songs on YouTube.









— Here are some of their songs that i found in youtube.

Aegyo Sisters

aegyo sisters

aegyo sisters

The Aegyo Sisters is a all-girl group composed of Filipino cosplayers who loves K-POP, J-POP, fashion and dancing.

The group’s name, Aegyo is derived from the Chinese characters Love – “ae” and Beautiful “gyo”. Aegyo is considered a feminine trait, generally attributed to women who are a careful balance of sweetness, cuteness, sereneness, modesty, thoughtfulness, and submissiveness.

The group was formed on April 10, 2010. On June 2010, the Aegyo Sisters made their debut performance at Toycon 2010 held at SM Mega Mall. They performed Hot Issue, Muzik and What a Girl Wants, all of the songs are by 4minute.

The Aegyo Sisters aim to make the Korean girl group 4minute more popular in the Philippines.

The Current Members of Aegyo Sisters are: Hye Marie Nim, Myrtle Gail, Nikita Lim, Chezka Diaz, Jen Ching, Chienna Filomeno and Michiko Orohama


— They are soooooo irresisting!!! too bad i don’t know them personally =(