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Slam Dunk Fan Video

One of the most amazing fan made video i see. (*^*)


Rurouni Kenshin Live-Action Movie

Too good to be true huh?! Well this is ain’t a dream buddy. But we need to wait if this movie if this will have an international release (cross finger) specially here in the Philippines. Based on the trailer. It will be based on the manga/comic so there will be no need to worry that this will have an american-treatment again .

Well here is the trailer.

Remembering Super Ranger Kids

Are there any Filipino who read this blog? hope there is. Well I just want to share a little memorable film in the 90’s. Did you that here in the Philippines we have our very own sentai team (Actually, it is more likely a power ranger, Americanized sentai heroes, inspired). They are called The Super Ranger Kids. If i remember correctly the five main character are almost the same age as our eldest sibling. I can not barely remember if this movie had became a flop that time. But all i know that we really want to see it bad.

Here is the plot of this movie.

Two groups of aliens fight in space. One of the ships, the one manned by the good guys, crashes on Earth. The bad guys follow them to finish them Earth. The good aliens endow five children with magic powers that allow them to become The Super Ranger Kids. Their powers are soon needed as they must battle ugly looking mohawk guys, robots, giant dinosaurs, alien monsters, and an army of zombies. Will these little kids save the planet and the good aliens?
Even though people will say that this is a another crappy movie with a bad costume. I tell you this, kids that time where not that really focus on the appearance, and we are easy to please. Maybe the idea that we had a sentai group wasn’t bad after all. Hopefully there will be another attempt to try to make a pinoy sentai hero.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

The 35th super sentai to be released and the first time i watch the pilot episode it is like love a first sight. Why? it is because they had one cool advantage among the recent sentai that had been released. The had the capability to used the the power of the previous 34 rangers. To be honest the power is also the same as kamen rider decade. But what the heck as long as they could stick to the promise that they will show all the previous ranger. I could not wait to see the maskman, bioman, and fiveman fighting again. Before i forgot, the theme of this sentai is Pirates. Arrggghh!!!




Three Upcoming Live Action

Just saw this article in the

Tomie, Tiger Mask, and Galaxy Express 999

First Lets talk about Tomie. Tomie is a horror manga by Junji Ito. Based to anime news network this will the 8 live action that will be produced. Second in the Trio is the Tiger Mask. Tiger Mask is a wrestler that fight for the children in the orphanage. And Last but not the least is the Galaxy Express 999. The only thing i remember about the story, is that people achieve the ability to become immortal by put your mind in a mechanical body, the only thing is that a mechanical body is very expensive. But it never stop the street kid Tetsuro Hoshino to purse that dream that one day he will have his mechanical body of his own.