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Feeling like Keitaro

Today is one of my memorable and depressing day. It all happen to be, that i failed my entrance examination to a university. I feel like i am Keitaro of Love Hina. Too bad i don’t have a adventure like him. If only there is a school that only specialized on Anime related. Like Fine Arts for manga making, Digital arts for Mecha design, and Programming for Galge games (here are some subject idea for the otaku university) .

Hopefully in the next try i can already pass the exam. I really want to be enrolled to this certain course and only that university who offer that course.

"That is the spirit AniFreakJoe" - Keitaro (love hina)


Holy Week 2011

Another non-otaku related post. First and foremost, Hows’ your Holy Week? Did you go the beach? How ’bout visiting your relatives in you province? Well my holy week is the same as the usual. Ever since i am a kid every Maundy Thursday, or Holy Thursday for some Catholic, We visiting atleast 7 church and pray the station of the cross. In Good Friday, here in the Philippines especially from the family who follow old belief. We usually need to take a bath for before 3pm. Every Catholic believe that 3pm is the time when Jesus died on the cross. On that time Meat will be out in the menu =( that also include Hamburger. This will continue till Black Saturday. So today in Easter Sunday, Time to celebrate day of resurrection of Jesus. And Hamburger here i come =)

Metro Comic Con 2011

Original Post:

This will be on May 7 to 8. Big name in the Comics Industry will be there. People like Sir Gerry AlanguilanSir Budjette Tan and many more. Maybe Sir Jose Gamboa will be also be there. But there is one person i want to see and that is Sir Philip Tan. If i remember correctly I saw his name in Final Crisis. That time all i know he is asian a chinese to be exact but never across my mind that he is a Filipino( But now i know hehehe). I hoping that Sir Philip is also a Dick Grayson Fan like me( I was so happy when he became a batman. To be honest, i shouted to my room “I knew it he will be batman!”). Well enough of me being a Grayson fan.

The Event will also cater two contest. First is the Voice Artist Contest and Second is the I am Hero Contest. Details about this event are in this link.

Something new today

Did you see my new header?? Do you like it?? Hehehe. I know it look bad. I remember watching at my otaku professor, he really good on making this anime themed header, signature, website (and list go on and on in the anime themed category). I envy those people who are good at the graphic side. I also remember a statistical result on a  thesis of my friend,  the result shows that most otakus are good at art. What the heck, I am not that otaku enough? GRRRR hate that statistic result.

So back to the topic, Well here is the new things i did today. I am trying to develop my graphical side.

WordPress (Header)

Header version 3

MangaFox (Signature)


Signature version 2

A thing i think too be new. Yesterday i had able to watch the new season of THE WORLD GOD ONLY KNOWS. Well the look of it, it seems they have a new group of artist. How can i say that? Here is a image to prove that theory.

To me they look different

The Season Two Chihiro Seems more beautiful than the Season One.



I can not wait anymore

It is already 1:04am here in the Philippines, And still i am awake. Why? Because to day is the first episode of the Second Season of THE WORLD GOD ONLY KNOWS!!! I can not wait to see haqua!!! I keep on refreshing and refreshing the nyaa torrent tab in my browser, even raw still not available.. ARGGHHH

To keep me accompany this late evening i am currently watching the live adaptation of Kimi ni todoke. So far the story is a bit different from the manga but still GOOD as the manga version. Here is my favorite scene right now.

Look at her, gazing at the sakura tree.. SOOO KAWAII