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Gundam Lego

Just read an article on Yahoo! about the a boy who lost a piece from his lego toy then wrote a letter to lego bout it. Then for all of a sudden i remember this cool post that i had read bout the lego gundam.

Original post can be seen here:


This a ms Gundam rx-78 v2 design by Gyuta. Details are on the original post link.



Start of my 2013

Happy new year to all of us….

it is 10:44pm when i started typing on this post.

I started my 2013.. waking up  for very very early (woke-up at 5 a.m. something in the morning almost 2 to 3 hrs of sleep).

I opened my Mangafox to see if there is any update to mangas i am reading. Thank goodness there is a new kuroko no basuke that time… awesome chapter

Next opened my email… wishing that there might be an email from some friends… NO LUCK

After eating and washing dishes. Go straight to the computer and watch old anime i had. Don’t know why but maybe there a voice in my mind telling me to watch K-ON!. After finishing eh whole K-ON! till lunch time. Had this feeling that i need to see the next season. Thank goodness again that BakaBT is freeleech all their archive. The only bad thing today is that our DSL is so slow that i finished download it bout 8pm… A reason why i ate late. Then while watching the series i was downloading a movie of K-ON (Still on going, maybe it will be finish tomorrow).

Since it is kinda boring that watching the whole 20 plus episode. I decided to read manga again. Finished reading the new chapter of Shaman King Flower, AKB49 and Ultraman.

After reading, I look for some list of the upcoming anime this winter 2013… I might blog tomorrow the anime winter 2013 list.

After searching and eating some chocolates, two new comment on my post  came.

Then after approving and replying. .. My eyes started to go drowse .. so i made up my mind and go to sleep.

Same thing happen last year… this gonna be another otaku year for me.

Timeline Cover design

Planning to create a facebook account since i can’t remember the password of my first one and also can’t remember the password in that email account. After two years of no facebook. I finally found the new timeline style a little more good looking than the recent style.

This how i imagine my soon to be account. =)

Rei Plugsuit on ramp

Original Post can be seen here:

Did they also make an asuka plugsuit? ^^


Bad day

I don’t know what happen today.. Most of my account (Yahoo and WordPress)  just giving me an error to my  password. I don’t want to categorized it as hacked. But it seems that i might be hacked. Why do people do this thing to others? Are they happy doing this to people who are harmless? Hopefully whoever did this to me shall not do this to other blogger.