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Now i know

This past few week i having a hard time doing this several task.

  1. Upload Otakux in a Torrent site
  2. Fix some incompatibilities from ePSXe 1.7 and Windows 7
  3. Made an ISO file
  4. Download Dragon Ball GT Final Bout

The First Task was been the most bothering me. I never tried to upload a torrent since the first time i had encounter it,I am one of the people that is called Hit and Runners ( This is the term usually used for people/ person who constantly download but never seeded(uploaded)). Thank God this time i managed the upload  it, Thanks to the easy way to upload file in, You are really a amazing torrent site. It took me two weeks tying to figure out how i can  upload this one (I am just a complete idiot from this things). Now you can download it in this site

The Second Task, I just upgraded (NOTE: actually i just download it and delete my old version) my ePSXe 1.5 to 1.7. The first dry run did not goes very smoothly. The game become very fast that it before i managed to press the start button the game goes to demo mode, it was so fast that is really really annoying. Word from the wise “Read the manual, Then you will be never be wrong”. This is one of the valuable lesson i learned. Now the game are running smoothly.

The Third Task, I have this Windows 7 RC build 7200 that i downloaded last 2009 and i want to try to make a portable installer (Same as the Pen drive Installer for linux).  The only problem is that i never knew how to make an ISO file. I resolved this problem by using the tool called DAEMON TOOL Lite. This is the free version of the Same Name ( Just forfeit the word Lite in the name).

The Forth Task, I was trying to remember where i just last left my DB GT: Final Bout CD for PS one. But i didn’t managed to find it (I was been amazed that my room had changed since my childhood days, Time really goes by). I was trying to look to different site in that google can suggest to me. I downloaded most of the big sized ISO in every emulator site that i can find, but the game still wont run to my ePSXe. But when i download this rar file that is about less than a 100mb, it work like a charm. Now i can relived my final bout game.

Thank You God for the everyday lesson.


DragonBall Online

—–waaa i want to play this game!!! too bad it is only available in south korea.