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Updates i found today

I listed some of the updates that i found today. First, There is a Release Candidate of the new Otakux under the codaname: Anison. It is still in developing stages but its’ core function already functioning. Please support this wonderful operating system made for otakus like us. Here is the download link

Here are some updates of the anime that still not been shown because of the calamity that strikes japan. These updates are based on Beelzebub episode 10 will be aired at sunday (Philippine time). Oreimo episode 13 shall be stream late march. Dragon Crisis episode 10 will be at march 21 and the episode 11 will be on march 22. IS episode 12 will be broadcast at march 31st. Go Sick will have a special episode airing on march 26, then the regular showing will be resume at april 2. Freezing episode 12 will shown on march 28.

Hatsune Miku will appear on japan weekly playboy on their 15th issue. for more info read the article on AnimeNewsNetwork.


Kirino kousaka is so kawaii


kirino dance