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Bad day

I don’t know what happen today.. Most of my account (Yahoo and WordPress)  just giving me an error to my  password. I don’t want to categorized it as hacked. But it seems that i might be hacked. Why do people do this thing to others? Are they happy doing this to people who are harmless? Hopefully whoever did this to me shall not do this to other blogger.


Anime quote is equal to cool wallpaper

My friend just made a custom wallpaper to his laptop. Using his favorite line in a song. Using the same concept. I made one using Anime Quote.

Here is a look to the current desktop.

I just bold some key word/s in the quote to make an emphasis. Making of this wallpaper is really easy. The only hard part was looking for a quote.

Ai Ga Tomaranai Manga

Plot: Hitoshi Kobe is a terrible student and an even worse athlete … though he does have an incredible talent for creating Artificial Intelligence programs. Thirty is his best artificial intelligence program yet — and, more important, the only girl who will talk to him. Hitoshi’s life is forever changed when a freak accident brings Thirty to life …

*A very nostalgic manga for me. Why? It is because it reminds me of our old Personal Computer back in in ’95. CRT monitors, Floppy Disk, and there is no such thing as “Terabyte” and “Gigabyte”.

I always wanted to learn programming. But somehow logical thing makes my head go dizzy.. XD

This is a  little retro manga. But still a good read… *two thumbs up*

Funny thou. Why most of the hottest manga and anime characters made had came out or made on a computer? Like Hand Maid May, and Minimum(Manga).

Manga Link:


Profile Error in MangaFox?

Is it me and some of my friends in MangaFox suffer the lost of their tabs?

If you look to the image in the top. There are two tabs. Well actually is should be three. The one that was gone was the visitors message tab (Some call it the conversation wall). A very useful tabs so far for me. It is where most of my conversation with my friends happens.

I was looking at the forums to resolve this issue. So far no one post about it. So i am thinking that maybe MF is currently updating something in the site. But i am hoping that the vm will be back.

Pinoy Otaku social network

An Accidental search leads to a cool discovery hahaha! I was looking for a good forum site. Where i can connect with filipino otakus. Well i found a site that offer this with an added feature. The website is Some of the cool feature they had is a point system where you can exchange it to any prize or get an discount on any events. And the next cool feature is the blog entry to your profile(I still don’t know if this work to members or if it is strictly to admin only.)

The problem right now is that i still can’t register or enter my facebook account. Maybe there are still bugs to this site. I can’t wait to make an account. Hopefully if the webmaster or the admin read this post please somehow fix the errors and lets start the party.