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New Song in my Playlist

I rarely put an OPM song in my phone.. If you’ll look to my playlist it compose of mostly anime and sentai opening song, akb and claris. But this time i am taking a consideration since… Here is the new song on my list.

Young JV is really a awesome artist.. Just hearing his song makes me proud being a pinoy.

While on Ms. Myrtle… She’s not just making my heart skip beat every time i see her in TV but also make me wanna say out loud that “i am a proud OTAKU“… ^^ (y) (y)


Amazing Pianist

Just got curious on the Kuroko no Basuke Character songs. When i came across this certain pianist. What makes her interesting, is that she do anime song in a piano cover. And what more interesting is that she learning to play it through her ears. Amazing huh.

So far my favorite is this Naruto cover

Here is a link to her profile:


The Unknown Instrumental in Mojacko

Did you watch today’s’episode of Majacko? If not, you might also miss the beautiful instrumental in some of the scene in that episode. Since hearing it. I wasted almost the whole day searching for it in the internet. Still no luck for me. The song kept on playing in my head. The beautiful flute-type music is something you really want to play in your ipod or add to your playlist. Hope someday i will had a chance to know the title of that melody.

Rock Lee ending song

It is already 11:30 pm and i think i had already played this song about 20 + times in my mom’s laptop. The song is the ending song in Naruto SD: Rock Lee No Seishun Full-Power Ninden. Hope you also like it.

Found Another Forum

Horay another forum for pinoy otakus!!! \(^.^\)(/^.^)/

Well this one is different from the first one i found yesterday.The site name is Philippine Otaku Society (POS for short). First this is mainly like a forum, a close forum for the members of POS. Second i think the group is not that still big yet they are all united. How come i said they are all united? Well they had a very strict rules and regulations before you can join the family. I am still in trying to full fill all the requirements. Is just that my cellphone is only hindrance this time.

Since i was impress to this group it inspire me to design a logo for them.I had no bad intention to their current logo. It is just that i having problem to the color. I just can’t read text when they are surrounded by lively color and i think a simple logo is always a good logo. And if they like the logo i made. i am willing to give the psd file to them.